Yesterday the betterRetailing team went to the 2nd Annual Local Shop Summit at the ICC in Birmingham.  This years theme was “How to be brilliant” and was aimed at inspiring independent retailers with a motivational talk by best selling author Michael Heppell followed by a series of talks, Q&A’s and videos packed full of ideas on best practice.

Over the next few days we will be posting up and discussing some of the things we learnt.  If you were there or even if you weren’t feel free to get involved and leave us some comments saying some of your favorite ideas you took from the summit.  As well as ongoing analysis we will be following two retailers as they take up the challenge set by Michael Heppell to turn positive thinking into postive action over the next 90 days and make their stores brilliant.

Also keep your eyes peeled for 3 special video editions of See My Shop which were shown at the Local Shop Summit.  The videos give an insight into what ideas and actions 3 brilliant, award winning retailers do in their shops to make them successful.  We will be posting up 1 a week over the next couple of weeks.