My year of healthier retailing 

Arjan Mehr, who owns a Londis in Bracknell, Berkshire, does not have a classically health-conscious customer base. Yet even in his store, he has noticed a range of categories affected by customers’ changing lifestyles and preferences.

Trend 1: Change is customer-led

I’ve not seen any change from the soft drinks tax, much like with tobacco laws. In the end, what makes a difference in terms of healthy living is education and long-term thinking. 

Trend 2: Better fresh range= better sales

We’ve seen our sales of fruit and vegetables go up in the past year. This might be because, working with Booker, our range is now better than ever. People are cooking more at home, too.  

Trend 3: Gyms drive sales

There are now gyms all over, and that has given us opportunities.
We have just introduced a bay of protein products. 


12 healthier products to give your sales a workout


Juice Burst

Drinks brand Juice Burst has created Strawberry & Beetroot and Apple & Cucumber variants for its new health-focused Fruit & Veg range. 

Strathmore Botanics

Tapping into the flavoured water trend, this launch combines spring water with botanicals and fruit flavours, all with zero calories and no added sugar.

Nestlé GoFree Gluten-free CORN Flakes

With Nestlé research highlighting that 40% of millennials are more likely to avoid gluten-filled products, this top-selling cereal is at the heart of their healthier strategy.

Pipers Crisps

Pipers Crisps has launched a Crispeas range, available in three flavours, to cater to the healthier-eating trend. Matar Paneer, Salsa Verde and English Mint flavours are all 95 calories per pack. 

Danone Light & Free

Containing 0% fat and 0% added sugar, Danone says its Light & Free range is the top-selling diet yoghurt in the UK. Nine flavours are available.  

Milkybar Wowsomes

Nestlé’s Milkybar Wowsomes contain 30% less sugar than similar chocolate products. The largest-sized bars  in the range are 18g, and contain 95 calories.


Scottish favourite Irn-Bru is now a mid-sugar product with 50% less sugar. A zero-sugar alternative, Irn-Bru Xtra, is also available.


Savsé has launched Protein Rise, a no-added-sugar protein drink aimed not at gym-goers, but at those hoping to make small improvements to their diets.

Old Mout alcohol-free cider 

Old Mout Alcohol-Free cider by Heineken is the brand’s first non-alcoholic cider variant, available in a Berries & Cherries flavour in a 500ml format. 

Prep Co

Unilever has invested £1m into its Prep Co healthy on-the-go snacks pot brand. Flavours include Mediterranean Couscous and Thai Green Curry. 

Fruittella Fruit Drops

Perfetti Van Melle’s sugar-free Fruittella Fruit Drops are the brand’s first hard-boiled sweets, and are available in Citrus and Red Berry flavours.

Eisberg alcohol-free wine

The alcohol-free drinks market is worth £37.7m – and to capitalise, Eisberg has launched six alcohol-free versions of wines, such as rosé and chardonnay.