New Year’s resolutions are commitments to personal goals; to eat more healthily, give to charity, read more, spend less or exercise full stop. NFRN national president Alan Smith wants to make himself and the retailers he represents wealthier.

Halfway through his year in office, Mr Smith says he is going to spend the next six months making members more profitable. He wants to put more money in their tills through exclusive commercial deals, and aims to pay back at least the value of the membership to those who invest in NFRN initiatives.

Quite rightly, this includes his own business, and Mr Smith is setting an example for the trade of what can be achieved.
His was one of the first stores to get behind the Shoplink and Newspro schemes and has seen magazine sales grow by 10% since last May.

Our 2013 preview, meanwhile, features the New Year resolutions and wishes of 10 top retailers.  The Guardian’s New Year’s resolution clearly isn’t to grow its print sales, judging by its latest eye-watering price rise, while the Mirror won’t be winning favour from newsagents with its margin cut.

Columnist Neville Rhodes says that the newstrade’s goals should be a determined effort to tackle late deliveries and incorrect allocations if it is to energise retailers and claw back sales.  And for those whose customers aren’t giving anything up this January, our tobacco feature provides five ways to cash in on roll your own and economy tobacco.
Happy New Year from the RN team.