The RN team’s end of week news wrap (betterRetailing LIVE edition)

Plans for dark market should aim higher than compliance

Several suppliers at the event offered options that not only comply with the display ban but also consider how to maximise sales opportunities. Overhead Servertab gantries from Expotutto free up space behind the counter for higher margin products, while Navarra Retail Systems’ range of electronic units have space on the front for batteries, medicines and other high value items.

National News Network aims to set newsagents apart

The network is in its final stages of development and will offer independents improved availability and fresh-looking promotions, according to NFRN head of news Brian Murphy. Working closely with wholesalers and members, the scheme will provide what Mr Murphy describes as a combination of the work done by the Store2Door and Newspro initiatives. “We expect our stores to be the leaders and benchmarks and feel that this is something needed in our industry now more than ever,” he said.

Collectables have premium potential

The new series of Match Attax trading cards are flying off shelves and Topps said independents shouldn’t shy away from the higher priced collector items. There were 106,000 collector tins sold in the UK last year and 200,000 were made available this season. The tins retail at £5.99 and come with 50 collector cards, including one limited edition card. Retailers interested in stocking the tins can contact their wholesaler.

Digital vouchers are the way forward for the newstrade

Digital voucher service provider i-movo hopes to roll out digital vouchers for all national papers by the end of 2015. Chief executive David Tymm said newsagents were increasingly frustrated with paper vouchers and would welcome the change. The company is currently working with major publishers.

Ordering stock doesn’t have to be complicated

GoKart is a new app that allows retailers to order stock anytime, from anywhere, earning loyalty discounts in the process. Developed by Anx Patel, a former retailer of 10 years, the app so far features 6,000 products from 70 suppliers nationwide. It encourages “community verification” and retailers can “love” suppliers they have positive experiences with.