OPINION: Facebook campaigns at Christmas

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 15.29.56This is a Facebook post from newsXpress Eli Waters from last week. A challenge was put out – seeking likes to get Allan Wickham, one of the owners, into a Mrs Claus outfit. The post generated over 1,500 likes with more than 20,000 seeing the post thanks to viral sharing.

This is excellent use of Facebook – it’s fun (for most) and engaging … without being commercial. It’s the type of post that Facebook as a company likes to see from businesses. Their new rules and policies for 2015 indicate they prefer this to blatant business advertising in their free posts.

mrs claus

This photo shows the result of the post. Allan was dressed as Mrs Claus for the day and from all accounts customers loved it. It certainly made for a different experience in the shop yesterday – probably a welcome break to what is usual at this busy festive time of the year.

I thought Al was going to go with a more risqué outfit, but I suspect he decided to go conservative and protect the eyesight of his customers.

What I love about this is the business is that the owners and customers are all having some fun.

Well done to everyone involved. It has been executed well. Brilliant use of Facebook.

Retailers can learn a lot from what they have just done at newsXpress Eli Waters. The best part? It all cost nothing except, as Al told me – his dignity.

FYI: newsXpress Eli Waters are the newsXpress Retailer of the Year. This Facebook campaign is a small example of how they play outside the pack and why they deserve kudos.


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