Retailers who fail to see the benefits of PayPoint in their store need to take a look at their entire offer, a PayPoint boss told RN.

Business development director Tim Watkin-Rees’ comments come in response to claims made by numerous retailers that their turnover has remained the same – or in some cases increased – since terminating their PayPoint contracts.

Mr Watkin-Rees said: “There may be things in their shop that meant PayPoint didn’t work as well for them as it did for other retailers. The benefit of footfall comes down to the nature of their offer, how hard they work at it, how they price things – there are a lot of things that would affect that.

“Unarguably, PayPoint drives customers. There is no doubt whatsoever that PayPoint is associated with a huge volume of retail sales. That’s why we have such a large network.”

He added: “Unfortunately, there will be some retailers out there who are struggling. I don’t know that there’s much more we can do than deliver the footfall we do, pay the best commissions we can in the circumstances. Genuinely, if it doesn’t work for a retailer, we respect that, but it’s not what we see. We always see more demand for PayPoint.”

Alan Drake, of Alco Mini Market in Caldicott, suggested PayPoint bosses should spend time working in convenience stores. He said: “We monitored our footfall for around six months before we decided to leave. We did not get extra sales from people using PayPoint, so discontinuing the service has not affected my turnover.”

Nisa retailer Paul Cheema, of Malcolm’s Store in Coventry, said he was “disturbed” by Mr Watkin-Rees’ comments.

“What he’s saying is incredibly insulting,” he said. “I consider myself to be a progressive retailer and I would ask him what PayPoint are doing to help retailers.

"I can’t remember the last time a PayPoint business development manager came into store and assessed what we’re doing to help us grow our business.