Individual reviews of the value of PayPoint’s services to independent retailers’ businesses are to start in October, fulfilling a commitment given to the NFRN at its annual conference.

Announcing the rollout at this week’s meeting of the NFRN national council, chief executive Paul Baxter said the reviews would provide members with an opportunity to take on additional PayPoint services to make their overall business with the company more profitable.

Mr Baxter said the NFRN was continuing discussions with PayPoint over retailers’ concerns. “I believe PayPoint is listening more than it has in the past. I hope further benefits for retailers will be introduced in due course,” he said.

Steve O’Neill, PayPoint group marketing director, said this was another of its commitments to independent retailers “to understand their businesses, have quality, data-driven discussions and help them profit from the PayPoint service”.

On the key issue of commission, Mr Baxter said he had held talks with the payment services regulator about PayPoint’s terms and conditions, and the NFRN was pursuing the possibility of a formal review by other regulators.

There’s no doubt that there is greater understanding between the NFRN and PayPoint

Ray Monelle, of Orchard News in Weston-super-Mare, said: “There’s no doubt that there is greater understanding between the NFRN and PayPoint. Both sides are making a good effort to address members’ concerns and understand each other’s point of view.”

Mr Baxter also urged members to resist any attempts by PayPoint to coerce them into taking any action that was against their interest, and to report it to the NFRN.

Kent member Christine Southern said she wished to re-introduce a Payzone terminal to deal with Dartford Crossing charges – for which PayPoint does not have the contract.

Mr Baxter said any threat by PayPoint to remove a terminal that enabled a retailer to offer a service that PayPoint itself does not provide would be illegal, and the NFRN would report it immediately to the payment services regulator.