Last week, when meeting Scandinavian Tobacco Group’s new head of marketing Jens Christiansen, he asked me what type of retailers read RN.

His view was those who buy trade press are engaged and invest in their businesses. But his biggest challenge in the last three months has been finding these retailers and distinguishing them from those who are happy to simply keep doing the same thing they’ve always done.

There are plenty of examples from the past few issues of RN that show why you – our readers – are a great place to start.

In last week’s issue, Bob and Nicky Atwal told us how they worked with News UK to make a number of simple changes to re-energise their core CTN sales without breaking the bank.

Those who buy trade press are engaged and invest in their businesses

In this week’s HND feature, Jon Powell and Les Gilbert explain how they invested in future sales, and generated thousands of pounds in new profits, by launching home delivery services this year.

Chris Shelley took another route and completed his five-year plan to turn his family’s local shop into a 2,800sq ft Budgens, doubling his number of members of staff and trebling his weekly turnover.

In next week’s issue, RN columnist Bintesh Amin shares his Q1 plan to install a profitable in-store deli.

All five stores are investing in their businesses in three very different ways, on different budgets, but all with the same goal in mind. They show the importance of a passionate approach to business and are ambitious about the new year. This makes them the type of businesses that suppliers like Jens will want to work with in 2016.

Happy Christmas from all the RN team. Thank you for your support this year. I hope you have a successful trading period, but don’t forget to relax too.