In preparation for a post-Brexit economy, tech start-up Wallet Circle – an app providing digital shopper loyalty schemes – is currently offering its service to business owners for free.

The company is offering retailers customised mobile loyalty cards, as well iBeacons. Those who take advantage of the offer are also eligible for free flyers and business cards.

“Wallet Circle is adapting to the changing economic times,” said Wallet Circle co-founder Manas Abichandani.

“We have decided to let businesses join our loyalty app for free so they can grow their user base with no risk and no obligation.”

He added that the app, which is available on iPhone and Android, helps retailers save on the design and print costs involved with producing traditional loyalty cards.

“For any business, no matter its size, knowing its customers is a key differentiator in the post-Brexit trading environment,” Abichandani said.

“Our mission is to help businesses grow and in order to do so, they need to strengthen customer relationships.”

Wallet Circle helps to do this by gathering data from the app, which retailers can use to create “highly relevant offers” for shoppers.

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