An initiative aimed at boosting trade on local high streets through social media has been launched.

The i-Street service is now open for business in Perth, Scotland, where it is being backed by Perth & Kinross Council.

It uses channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube to highlight local news, information and events, as well as offers from local retailers.

The service, run by Edinburgh-based DestinationCMS, will be updated daily, with a team of ‘brand-makers’ pooling information and reporting on it through social media.

Perth is the first city in the UK to adopt the strategy, which is initially concentrated around three main shopping streets.

Councillor John Kellas said: “We know that the public are spending increasing amounts of time online and we wanted to make sure we were able to take advantage of this.

“It is an opportunity to engage with customers about the things that matter to them the most.

“The service runs seven days a week and therefore social conversations will not be restricted to just business hours from Monday to Friday.”

Independent retailers reported that they were yet to feel the positive effects of Perth’s i-Street.

Shahida Bibi from The Corner Shop in Perth said: “I haven’t seen or heard about this, but we are based just outside the town centre in a residential area.”