An Australian retailer has been crowned “the best convenience store on Earth” and “Australian of the day” for his customer service and social media talents.

Hazem Sedda, who runs Redfern Convenience Store in Sydney, was recognised by Yahoo and Australian television broadcasters respectively, for ensuring that no customer leaves the store without a smile on their face.

Retail Express spoke to Sedda to get his top three tips for retailers worldwide.

1. Pictures look better with people

The convenience sector only exists because of customers, so why should your Instagram account be any different?

“Photographs of just products can be boring,” Sedda said. “Most of my stock is from all over the world, including Irn-Bru and Cadbury, so when a customer buys an international product – I ask them for a photo to let people know about our range.”

2. Create in-store events beyond the seasonal calendar

Sedda throws surprise birthday parties in store for customers, including cake and live music. And to get people talking he has created ‘the customer of the day’ to give more reasons for shoppers to interact with his Instagram account.

“I’ve had customers drive half an hour to my store just to be crowned it,” he said.

3. It’s not all about the money

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First time I take a selfie!! These guys forced me to be in the picture with them !! As u see it is a big group, they came from Melbourne for the Hillsong Conference , @sarah_murphii and her friends are young full of energy, happy and nice , today is there last day in sydney but they stopped at our store to give a present, they got for me a book was signed by all of them !! ( live love lead ) by Brian Houston the founder and global senior of Hillsong church, I would like to say that's to all of u for being nice to us ! We happy that you become our #customeroftheday #customersoftheday , we look forward to see u again ! #redfern #redfernlyf #redfernnow #redfernhood #redfernlife #amazing , #redfernconveniencestore ,@lyssafischer they your friends !!

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When he starting using social media in January 2014 he realised that it can be time-consuming without an immediate financial reward, but it also builds stronger bonds between retailers and their communities.

“I wasn’t sure if I really needed social media in the beginning, I’m just one shop, but I’ve made a lot of new connections and customers keep coming back.”