I met with RN’s distributor, Seymour, before Christmas to discuss plans for 2016. Our account manager, Sue, asked what our key theme for the first quarter would be so she could make sure the right retailers see the magazine.

Without hesitation, I replied ‘helping retailers to make or save money’. This would be relevant to any retailer setting their new year business plans and readying themselves for the impact of the National Living Wage, I said. This is a theme you will see running through the next three months, starting this week.

We won’t just share your great ideas. We’ll also fight your corner to make sure you get a fair deal

Social media is a great way to share your ideas with customers, but equally it means we find them to share with other readers. There are several examples we’ve found and used in this issue.

Hay-on-Wye retailer Debbie Davies created Hay vouchers to keep customers shopping in the other brilliant shops in her village. She tweeted that she’d sold £4,500 worth in five weeks. Just down the road in Longtown, Christine Hope posted this week that anyone showing a free Herefordshire loyalty card in January would get 20% off any magazine. And several retailers told us how they’d used social media to give Christmas trade a boost. Kent retailer Sandeep Bains used a sponsored Facebook advert to double sales on Christmas Day.

Saving money is equally important, and broker Energy4 this week showed how four RN readers can save money on their fuel bills – in two cases the savings are substantial.
However, many of your suppliers will also be looking to save money. The Daily Mail tried to avoid paying retailers for handling a WeightWatchers insert, but reversed its decision after RN highlighted your case to its bosses. We won’t just share your great ideas. We’ll also fight your corner to make sure you get a fair deal.