It’s a startling, if unsurprising fact that a quarter of people using betterretailing – are accessing it on their smartphone. It goes to show that retailing isn’t immune to the dramatic changes in technology that are going on in the world around us.

To reflect this, and to better serve the needs of our readers, has recently undergone a redesign to make it much more mobile and tablet friendly. We’ve been able to post exclusive retailer and industry expert blogs and video content on our site for a while but now it’ll be an easy and high quality experience to view all the latest content on your mobile – whether in the world you are.

To kick us off this week we’re going to showcase some of our favourite online videos and give you the chance to see special extended coverage of the ACS ‘Local Shop Report2013’. It’s all part of our attempt to give you more high quality and exclusive content through the web that can help you to understand the market better and give you more unparalleled advice.

 Video Favourites

Regular readers will know Phillip Adcock, managing director of shopper psychologist experts SBXL from his contributions to our Shopswatch column and our Supermarket and Symbol Spy features. In this video, from last year, he shows off his research techniques to the ITV’s Tonight Show. Seeing how little shoppers pay attention to detail, is there anything you can take from this video when you’re next re-merchandising a section of your store?

James Brundle has appeared in RN many times but last Summer the London Convenience Store owner appeared on the local news to celebrate his store being  hailed as one of the top four stores on Earth. If you’re not able to get down to Walthamstow yourself, this short clip will give you a great idea of what this store is doing so well.

There’s lots of opinion on the web about the future of newspaers and magazines but one of the most valuable resources is the Big Think, an organisation that has got a host of industry figures to comment on a series of videos. One less likely contributor is Ricky Gervais, the comedian behind The Office and Extra who, in his own style, should provide some comfort to retailers worried about the future of this category

The Japanese for convenience store is konbini and this very odd song (sample lyrics: “Why don’t we warm up there/convenience store/ it’s a meeting place for punks) is dedicated to them. To be honest, there’s little contained in this song that would transform your business, but as convenience stores and newsagents hit the headlines or inspire videos that go viral, betterRetailing .com will always make sure you’re up to date.