There are three new members of the Newtrade digital team. Each plays a very specific role in delivering RN’s website, but, until recently, I couldn’t have explained how they dovetail together.

But last Friday the team made a presentation to our monthly all staff meeting about a day they spent working in Rav Garcha’s Nisa store. They explained their roles in the context of the day and what they learned about our customers, and all became clear.

Jamie, our digital marketing executive, explained his role was to make sure we are in front of the right retailers so you visit our websites and talk to us via social media – and want to keep doing it.

Digital production executive Fatima said she makes sure you have a great experience when you’re there. Tricia our digital content executive’s role is to increase engagement by understanding what you want to read and how and when you want to read it.

You will need to ensure that you are getting maximum value from your staff

Their day in the shop helped them understand how retailers like Rav interact with digital technologies and how each of them can make his experience even better. They came back with lots of exciting plans.

From last week, and the introduction of the National Living Wage, every member of staff is costing you more money. This means you will have been looking for initiatives to increase turnover or reduce costs to pay for this salary increase. And it also means that you will need to ensure that you are getting maximum value from your staff.

A great starting point would be to check, like our digital team, how well your staff understand their role (and each other’s) in your business, and in your plans to grow sales or improve efficiency. If your team buys into your plans and can help drive them forward it will improve your chance of success no end.