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Independent retailers are to face increased competition from Amazon and Getir following major investment by the companies into their home delivery services.

Rapid delivery startup Getir, which promises home deliveries in under 10 minutes, told Sky News last week it was aiming to create 6,000 new jobs as part of a major recruitment drive in 2022.

The company’s regional general manager, Turancan Salur, said: “2021 was an extremely successful year for Getir as we began our global expansion.

“There is no better city to launch international expansion from than London, due to its worldwide status and welcoming, cosmopolitan and diverse nature.

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“We have beaten all expectations for 2021 and plan to go even further this year.”

Getir has 4,000 employees following the takeover of rival Weezy at the end of last year.

It also launched a franchise model, with Faversham-based One Stop retailer Raj Bains becoming one of Getir’s first franchisees. Getir confirmed the first of its franchised branches would be based within London.

Meanwhile, Amazon has begun offering a same-day grocery delivery service through its wholesale partnership with Morrisons and Co-op. It has been attempting to attract more customers to the service through promotions, such as £10 off a customer’s first grocery shop.

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