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A new cloud-based alcohol testing program to help tackle the problem of alcohol misuse in the workplace has been announced by UK breathalyser supply firm AlcoDigital.

With reports of rising alcohol misuse during the national lockdown, Worksober aims to provide employers with a Covid-safe, non-intrusive method of alcohol screening.

Testing staff is automatic and unsupervised, and uses biometric technology to scan employees’ faces before each test. Once scanned and recognised, they then blow into the sensor on a wall-mounted detector unit. A result is given within seconds, registered to the cloud and when a test is positive for alcohol consumption, a nominated manager is alerted.

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The system can test the workforce on either a daily or random basis, with the frequency and percentage of random tests assigned via the cloud portal. Up to 256 sites can be monitored through a single cloud portal interface.

Director of AlcoDigital Suzannah Robin said: “Alcohol misuse costs the UK economy an estimated £7 billion in lost productivity every year. The pandemic has only increased the need for employers to be vigilant in supporting staff who may have problems with their alcohol consumption.

“Whether through long-term dependency or occasional over-indulgence, the effects of alcohol misuse can be devastating for a business.”

Under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, employers can be prosecuted for putting employees and co-workers at risk of physical harm, which includes harm caused by an intoxicated member of staff.