Providing support to local groups and organisations can really help to raise the profile of your store. It’s also a great opportunity to give something back to the community.

Unknown-1This sign I saw last week in a pizza shop seeking local sponsorship opportunities got me thinking about how newsagents connect with local community groups. I know in my own case I’ve supported the same group for years through my newsagency business before wondering if it was the best relationship. It could be useful to reconsider the group or groups you support each year as Sainsbury’s branches do. Assess them on their own community work just as businesses you supply would assess your value prior to recommitting.

How is this connected with marketing?

Community group support by your business extends the reach of your business. It speaks to the ethics and social responsibility of your business. It demonstrates your connection with the community. It is a vital element of your marketing. The right sponsorship can deliver wonderful value to your community and appreciated custom to your business.

Inviting local community groups to submit for sponsorship as I saw in a pizza shop last week is, of itself, an excellent marketing pitch.

Sometimes the best marketing is marketing which looks nothing like marketing.

What charitable activities is your business involved in?