I am a Crystal Palace supporter and it’s been a pretty dour month, with two draws and two narrow defeats.

But in reality we are three points clear of the relegation zone and look capable of avoiding the drop for the first time in five attempts. However, things could have been a lot worse.

After the first 11 games we were rock bottom with four points. We looked doomed. Then we appointed Tony Pulis as manager, and his 21-year record of never having been relegated also looked doomed. In the next 11 games we picked up 16 points. Pundits called it a miraculous turnaround. What bought about this change?

 Is there a big change
looming in your store?
How will you manage it? 

In their book Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard, business authors Chip and Dan Heath say that to make change happen, you need to break it down into small achievable goals. They use housework as an example.

Set an alarm for five minutes in one room and you will feel a sense of pride at what you’ve achieved, they say, which will spur you on for the next five minutes. Tony Pulis’s small achievable goals involved running further, defending deeper and making more tackles.

Is there a big change looming in your store? How will you manage it?

The Heath brothers suggest looking for things that work well that you can build on, such as areas that have previously been successful, and focus your energy there.

Look back at examples where you’ve moved into new areas before and think about what made them successful.

No matter how daunting the change, if Tony Pulis can keep Palace in the Premiership, anything’s possible.