CCTV that meets police standards could reduce both the frequency and damage caused by retail crime, according to Axis Communications.

The company’s equipment has recently achieved the police’s Secured by Design status, guaranteeing the quality of its products in preventing crime.

The company’s retail segment lead for Northern Europe, Graham Swallow, told RN: “Running an independent convenience store is not easy and owners have a lot to think about. Alleviating the burden of theft and crime is one of the most important, so it is essential they know the technology they deploy to help achieve this does its job securely and effectively.”

Swallow highlighted research by the Association of British Insurers that shows properties are up to 75% less likely to be burgled if their security measures meet the police’s Secured By Design standards.

Research by RN’s sister title Retail Express uncovered that shoplifters in independently owned conveniences stores are four times less likely to be convicted as those that target multiple owned sites.

Retail security expert Darren Wood from international security consultants, Cundall, said the difference was likely to be due to the difference in anti-crime measures. “Chain retailers develop and implement a security culture within their businesses to ensure staff are more vigilant and aware of shoplifters within their stores. They also deploy extensive video surveillance solutions,” he said.

Swallow added: “Crime is an issue the retail sector is having to battle against daily, and we are working hard to help them achieve a safer, smarter working environment.”

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