The sign says welcome but the door says stay out. In part, this arrangement is forced on the shopkeeper by the architecture of his shop.

However, this door is still wrong. I know this because I walk past this shop weekly with my son after he plays football. He is on the lookout for asking his father to buy a salty snack, a soft drink or some football cards but he never suggests we go in here.

In contrast, this next window, less than a quarter of a mile away does plenty to draw attention to itself. It looks fantastic and simple words tell you exactly what to expect inside. I have bought family gifts here and while I will not go in every time I pass, I know where to go for beautiful gifts and homeware. Having taken the photograph I also know there is a web site.

In customer service terms, I know that the people in the convenience store are more welcoming and friendlier. However, the way that they present their shop creates a barrier to shopper visits and what they sell is available everywhere.

The answer is always to go outside your front door and look at your shop as a potential customer will look at it.