In April, Stefan Appleby, from category partner, visited Natalie Lightfoot’s Londis Solo Convenience in Glasgow to advise her how to improve her shop layout. Three months on, we look at how Natalie has got on.

IAA Advice

  • Introduce meal deals and promote them to passing customers and new shoppers to drive basket growth
  • Walk the shop and create a plan to have the right products next to each other on the shelf
  • Identify the key drivers for the target audience and make sure they are clearly signposted at eye-level

Storelayoutstat.pngThe Results

Following Stefan’s advice, I’ve rearranged the gins behind the counter so they are more visible. I’ve analysed sales data and delisted slow sellers, which helped me introduce more local and speciality gins. These have given my shop a point of difference. We have signposted offers, used media screens and added our own PoS showing the different services we are offering in-store. My shop has become a destination and footfall has increased by more than 6%.

Stefan says

I am pleased Natalie has improved her shop layout and attracted more customers. She has got the right feel, but going forward it is important she continues to cater to the shopper missions in the area to use its full future potential.