mary portas, pro-retailSadly like quite a few retailers I suspect Pro Retail was in the diary but juggling commitments meant I just couldn’t get to the event. However as an avid follower of Twitter I appreciated tweeted updates from the the betterRetailing live blog of the Mary Portas session at Proretail. I have actually just completed one of her workshops, Mary wasn’t there but the trainer was fantastic and the messages seem clear and simple:

  • Smile at customers
  • Welcome them to your door
  • Be the best you can be at customer service and don’t be afraid to be loyal to your instincts regarding your own customer-base

It never sounds hard the way it is explained by Mary, or by the trainers in her workshops. In short, KISS, Keep It Simple Silly.

Remember why you started out in business, and reignite that passion in your customers. Customers want to have a shop they can be loyal to and boast about.