When the cold snap began this month, after our first days trading we already knew that we did not have enough stock, particularly of milk. Our delivery arrived very much to our surprise, being as we are at the top of a hill. We just about managed to get it unpacked and on shelves before stocks ran out only to sell three days supply of milk in an hour.

To say we were under prepared for the challenge that the snow brought would be a bit of an understatement. There was a constant queue double the length of our shop for more than two hours. Through this onslaught we and our staff were trying to get newly delivered stock on to the shelves. I still do not know how the customers were managing to fill their baskets, as the shop seemed to be packed solid, but they did. Friday, the third day of the freeze was our best trading day ever.

In the first four days of the cold snap we recorded more than a normal week’s takings and our best week ever from January 6th to the 12th. People were remarkably friendly and community spirited with a great many looking after their neighbours.

One of the most pleasing comments I have received in the last few days was from the clerk to our Parish Council who said that with our village being basically marooned our shop had made a vital difference to the well being of the community.