Every entrepreneur has their opinion about the benefits of creating a five-year plan. Some see it as an essential bible for their business while others dismiss them as unrealistic and a waste of time.

Top Fife retailer Harris Aslam told Retail Express that he has a 10-year plan. Despite the upheaval on the high street, his plans keep his business looking for the innovation that will make sure
he is still in business in 2028. 

There’s no formula for the perfect store, but there is one for success. It’s one that we have outlined as part of the Independent Achievers Academy.

By benchmarking your store and making simple changes, you will not only make your store more profitable, you will free up time to be able to ask yourself these bigger questions: 

Is every corner of your store working as hard as possible? Are your staff as effective as they can be? Are you using loyalty schemes, EPoS and social media as best you can? Finding the answers to these questions is one of the benefits of benchmarking your shop. 

The IAA benchmarking form is now live on our website and is really simple to fill out.