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Part of being a successful retailer means actively contributing to your local area. Focusing on community fundraising, campaigns or initiatives can increase customer loyalty, but to do it well you need to be targeted, disciplined and plan in advance. 

Before benchmarking your store, find out how Martyn Parkinson, Premier brand director, is helping retailers Jazz and Arjan Singh Rhoud take their service to the community to the next level. 

Morley Convenience Store has been operating since 1987. Fast forward 32 years, Jazz who took over the store from his father is now getting ready to hand the reigns to his son, Arjan. 

Local customers have watched Jazz and his family grow, and with the duo in the first stages of a refurbishment, the Rhouds feel it’s time to enhance their community presence. 


Names Jazz and Arjan Singh Rhoud

Shop Morley Convenience Store

Location Leeds

Size 2,000sq ft

Staff Five full-time, four part-time

Why we take part

Why I take partThere are many changes coming to our store, and we’re looking forward to the new services we will be providing. The advice from Booker and its ongoing help on external factors, like our relationship with the community, will help our business grow. We want to give back to our community after all the years our customers have supported us, and we are excited to see how the changes we’ll be making will affect our business.

IAA advice

Jazz and Arjan’s challenge: Getting noticed in the wider community

Jazz and Arjan are well known in their community, but with plans for some exciting changes to the store – including adding a dessert bar – they want to extend their reach. How can they engage with new communities?

Martyn says: “Social media is so prominent, and it’s become a great tool for retailers, particularly Facebook and Twitter. It is free, instant and will help you get noticed by potential new shoppers. Be sure to engage in a positive and friendly way so local customers can identify with you, and, with the changes you are going to make, you can start to build excitement.” 

Action: Share details and photos of what you’re doing in store on social media to build a connection. 

Jazz and Arjan’s challenge: Engaging with local schools to show their support

Jazz and Arjan have a great relationship with their customers, but they want to get involved with nearby schools. What can the father-and-son duo do to show their support of the community?

Martyn says: “Showing your support for any fundraising events that local schools are hosting can attract new customers. Another option is to offer free fruit and healthy breakfast items for children and perhaps to talk to them about the importance of a healthy breakfast. Start by contacting the school to find out where they need support.”

Action: Contact local schools to offer free fruit and healthy breakfast options and to support upcoming events. 

Jazz and Arjan’s challenge: Offering services that benefit the local community

Several of Jazz and Arjan’s customers have been visiting for more than three decades, and now struggle with getting to the store. How can the shop owners make their store more accessible for their elderly shoppers?

Martyn says: “Jazz and Arjan’s store has been operating for a long time, so by offering new services they can reward their loyal customers. Offering a delivery service is a great way to help customers that struggle to carry heavy bags. It also shows that you are there for your customers, and can increase loyalty and spend.”

Action: Try out a new home delivery service to help vulnerable customers continue to buy from you.

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Martyn Parkinson

Brand Director – Premier

Booker Wholesale

It’s a real privilege to serve great retailers with Premier. Community is a big part of what our retailers do, and we’re looking forward to working with Arjan and Jazz, who have been with Premier for 25 years, to help them get further involved with the community.

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