We know that when we feature retailers in Retail Express, it makes suppliers more likely to want to work with them. It’s why we spend so much effort finding new stores and showcasing upcoming talent.

What we see less of, though, is those same new stores using the trade press to engage their customers, but last month, we saw a fantastic example of how that can work. 

BetterRetailing’s associate editor, Steve Denham, was bowled over by Samantha Ackland-Jones of the Village Deli in Storrington, West Sussex. His profile, featured on the back page of our 17 July issue, portrayed an ‘adult sweet shop’ – full of quality local food and a charming atmosphere. 

Samantha took a photo of the back page when it landed in her store and posted it on her Facebook page. Fifty likes and 10 shares later, the store was attracting new visitors from as far as London. 

In particular, one man that visited told her that he planned to open three similar stores and wanted to see what Samantha was doing so well in person.

That’s the difference we aim to make with every issue and it’s why we’re always willing to promote the most innovative and successful retailers. If we feature your store, ensure your customers know they are buying from an expert.

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