As the demands on modern convenience stores evolve, so too does the technology that retailers have access to. With changes in consumer behaviour, retailers need electronic point-of-sale (EPoS) solutions that provide them with freedom, flexibility and fundamental business benefits.

PayPoint One, the leading EPoS platform for the convenience sector, was built with these principles in mind.

Powered by the Android operating system, PayPoint One was designed to be mobile-first, not only to reflect modern working practices, but also to allow business owners access to the platform whilst on the move. It’s why PayPoint One is complemented with an app, available on both Android and Apple smartphones, to offer increased flexibility and allow retailers to manage their stores anywhere, at any time.

One of PayPoint One’s chief benefits is the variety of different services it gives retailers access to. By combining features such as parcel services, cash and digital payments – in addition to bill payments services – into one platform, it has quickly become the solution of choice for stores across the country. To date, more than 14,000 retailers have signed up to PayPoint One, making it the fastest growing EPoS solution in the UK.

PayPoint One also caters to the latest consumer trends. It offers a host of digital payment methods, integrating with the likes of Monzo, eBay and Amazon Top Up, as well as providing retailers with valuable data insights, including real-time stock updates to inform business decisions and maximise sales.

Combined, these factors have transformed the way that many convenience store owners manage their businesses.

Prior to the PayPoint One’s launch in 2016, traditional retailers would be tied to their tills to manage their day-to-day operations. However, the app allows retailers to remotely complete tasks such as changing the price of their products, printing shelf-edge labels and monitoring purchase rates of different items. It also assists with the swift process of sales, refunds and bill payment transactions, often meaning shorter queues and increased customer satisfaction.

Ken Singh, owner of Mill Hill Store in Pontefract, said: “PayPoint one adds value and streamlines my business. I love the all-in-one capabilities and the integration of EPoS, secure integrated card payments and bill payments.”

This guest post was paid for and provided by PayPoint