Service to the community – Academy in Action follow-up

Three months after visiting Seelan Thambirajah’s Premier in Bedford with Martyn Parkinson, from category partner Booker Wholesale, we find out how community engagement has helped improve the performance of his shop

IAA Advice

  • Leave a suggestion box by the till for services customers want to see in the shop and encourage staff to ask for their thoughts
  • Speak regularly to headteachers in nearby schools to enquire about opportunities for partnerships and charitable events 
  • Post photos and videos of your involvement with community events and charities on Facebook to raise your profile

The Results 


Since adding the suggestion box, customers have said our prices are the best compared to nearby shops, but they find services such as a free ATM vital. I’ve started weekly fruit donations to a local primary school and I am also posting weekly promotions on our Facebook page. I am now working with Booker Wholesale to donate £1,500 a year to charities. The positive reputation from the advice given has boosted weekly sales by £12,000.

Martyn Says

It is so great to see the results Seelan has achieved with the changes he made in his shop. It is now about ensuring he maintains this great community work to keep his new customers coming back.


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