Responsible retailing – Academy in Action follow-up

Following on from our visit in April to retailer Mukesh Patel’s Simply Local in Malvern with category partner Imperial Tobacco, we find out how he has improved while continuing to retail responsibly

IAA Advice 

  • Keep refusal receipts stapled to your notes, and sign off the log refusal book every month to keep up-to-date
  • Display your food hygiene rating prominently and label foods with the date they were frozen so consumers have clarity
  • Introduce checklists to ensure sell-by dates in each section are regularly monitored to reduce waste

The Results


We have installed an MSP system that we use daily to scan fresh food and it enables us to put labels on it. This way, we know when a product is near its expiry date, so we can put it to clear. Our ordering is more exact, resulting in less overbuying, and our wastage has dropped by 8%. We now have the refusal receipts stapled to the log book, but we haven’t had to use this much.

Rob and James Say 

It’s great to see Mukesh has improved how he retails responsibly, following the advice we gave. It’s important that he continues to follow processes to maintain good practices and see even greater results in the future.


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