In March, Peter Johnson from Post Office joined Kam and Dalbir Nijjer at their shop in Meriden, West Midlands, to look at how they could improve their customer service. Three months on, we look at how they have progressed

IAA Advice

  • Contact Spar to get uniform and name badges for staff so everyone is identifiable to customers
  • Put a list of store standards in place and share with your team. Review success quarterly
  • Ask customers for feedback and keep a record of complaints and suggestions so you can spot opportunities.

The Results


We got new uniforms and name badges from Spar straight after the visit. We’ve had feedback from customers saying it makes us look professional. We haven’t created store standards as a list as we’ve found it works better to have regular dialogue as there are only three of us. We have been asking customers for feedback and it’s helped us get new products. We’ve started stocking beer and crisps multipacks and our sales have shot up by £200 a week.

Peter Says

Kam and Dalbir have achieved amazing results and taken customer service to the next level. They should continue collecting customer feedback as it will help drive their business further.