KP Snacks unveils latest SnacKPartners advice to tap into latest trends

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KP Snacks has developed its advice as part of its SnacKPartners initiative to help convenience retailers take advantage of the latest market trends.

The new planograms dedicate more space to £1 sharing bags to take advantage of the growth in that segment.

The company will also roll out its principles in depot to help retailers see best practice layouts in action.

Matt Collins, KP Snacks convenience trading director told Retail Express: “We see depots that are merchandised by supplier, but in store it should be by format, price and consumer need.”

“We’re relaying 12 stores and will assess their data to give confidence that our advice is impartial and fair to the category.”

Retailers should merchandise their ranges with value options at the bottom, such as Space Raiders, and £1 sharing bags higher in the fixture.

The bestselling brand of singles should be the first thing shoppers see as they walk down the aisle.

“We’re tailoring our advice based on the store size, location and rate of sale to help retailers give a personalised offer,” said Collins.

By Chris Dillon Avatar
By Chris Dillon 17 Sep, 2017



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