3 branded fridges for your store

Putting a branded fridge in a prominent position in your store can generate an uplift in soft drink sales. What are the top branded chillers to choose from?


branded chillers








Putting a branded chiller from Coca-Cola European partners in a prominent position can generate a 21% uplift in soft drink sales.


branded chillers







Gary Pilsworth, owner of Offley Stores & Post Office in Offley, Herts, says: "Last year we brought in a Lucozade drinks fridge. I've always done well with Lucozade, but now I have the full range I have seen sales growth."

Red Bull

branded chillers
What to stock in the chillers:branded chillers

  • Red Bull Original 250ml
  • Red Bull Original 355ml
  • Red Bull Original 473ml
  • Red Bull sugar-free 250ml
  • Water can also be stocked at the bottom

How big are they?

Red Bull offers a slim countertop cooler that costs 10p to run per 24 hours, as well as an open front cooler that holds 216 cans and an energy saving 'fast lane glass door cooler'.

How much?

There is no cost to the retailer and additional fridges are offered by Red Bull's field sales team.

Red Bull has placed 1,500 branded chillers in independent and symbol stores, which led to a sales uplift of 20%.


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