Cash machine installation was a farce

Our cash machine was installed by Cashzone slap bang in the middle of the wall instead of to the side as it conveniently could have been. The gap left inside was then too small for our magazine and newspapers racks to go back in. We finally had to cram our magazines and newspapers into a grocery shelf and have lost 90% of our magazine and greeting cards sales.

There was never any mention of a casing around the cash machine by the rep that came to visit us.  Even when the engineers came to view the site, there was no mention of a casing.

The rep and the engineer whom I dealt with both knew the newspaper racking would be going back on the wall for the magazines and the newspapers as well as the greeting cards stand. 

Unfortunately, when they came to fit the cash machine my wife and I were away, but we did not think anything of it as everything had been measured and agreed. 

However, when we came back and saw this monstrosity I rang the rep straightaway, who said he would sort this out for me. 

This went on for weeks as I chased and chased and chased him. 

Finally, he got back to me and said the casing was a safety feature. Then I informed him I had CCTV and our security was second to none as I had just removed a post office from my shop but still had all the security and procedures in place. 

So, again he said he would sort out the problem, but I have not heard back from him.

I finally decided to contact Cashzone direct but to this day no one has replied to my emails or calls. Cashzone has been atrocious to deal with and once they had got me to sign the contract and the cash machine was in place they just were not interested. 

Gurnam Singh, Quadrant Local, Stretford

A spokesman for Cashzone said: “We regret if any customer has not been fully satisfied with our assistance. We will make sure to look into this and to find the best possible resolution.”