From garish plastic trollies to whizzy on-shelf LED screens, my first day at international trade fair Euroshop 2014 has been filled with visions of the future that I will be bringing to RN readers over the coming weeks and months.

One conversation I had with Laxmichand Gada at EuroShop 2014 I will convey immediately, however.

This Indian retailer has been going to the once-every-three years conference in Dusseldorf since 2005 and he related to me a story of how in one of his earlier visits, he had been impressed enough in a set of open freezer cabinets to order them for his own store.

It might be difficult to imagine, but the idea of doorless cabinets which consumers could just reach down into and grab products was a revelation in India. Customers would apparently come to his store just to see the new freezers.

Most importantly, to him, was the fact his customers were talking about his business. As he says, this is worth a thousand adverts.

As I walked away from the meeting one thought struck me. How many RN readers have done something so bold recently that their customers have gone home and talked about it or that they’ve come in just to see it?

At Euroshop there are hundreds of ideas that help you do just that.