In an ever-changing world of digital transformation, it has become more important than ever for local retailers to have the tools they need to be able to keep up with the diversifying needs of their customers and to stay ahead of their competition.

Retailers must look to explore digital channels as an effective way to target and engage the key demographic for future growth: millennials. Recent him! CTP research reveals that 83% of millennials aged 18-24 shop at convenience stores on a weekly basis, compared to 74% of 25-44 year olds, with even fewer from older generations.

Taking advantage of the digital opportunity

Three areas that retailers can use to drive customer engagement among the millennial audience are:

1. Localised social media to drive customer loyalty and footfall

Social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook are all effective ways to reach millennial customers and highlight promotions that may be running in-store. A simple approach is:

  • Set up a Facebook page and a Twitter account for the retail store
  • Promote your social media profiles with a sign in store to gain followers
  • Search for other retailers in the area and follow them on Twitter and Facebook
  • Monitor local news and share interesting stories and add your original commentary to your social media followers. We recommend steering clear of anything too controversial
  • Share content from other local retailers to promote your local community
  • Share your special offers and promotions that you want to let customers know about

2. E-mail marketing to promote special offers and drive sales

E-mail marketing is another powerful tool for promoting retail stores and promoting special offers among existing customers. Getting started is easy:

  • Set up an account with Mailchimp which will enable you to send promotional e-mails
  • Design your e-mail graphics to look professional using a design tool like Canva
  • Ask customers when they are at the till for their e-mail addresses to receive offers and promotions and once captured, put them into your Mailchimp account
  • Setup your e-mail newsletter with the latest news and promotions and send it to your customers

3. Keep up with changing customer expectations

Customer expectations have changed and Millenials are increasingly demanding a more efficient and digitised experience in all areas of life. Retailers with the tools that allow them to be flexible and digitally agile will have the leading edge over their competitors, and be fully geared towards growing their businesses

PayPoint has over 20 years proven track record of tech-led innovation with retailers and with its latest PayPoint One platform, retailers will have the upper hand as they can access deeper insights into their customers and adapt their offering accordingly.

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