Plans to raise the price of EuroMillions lottery tickets could drive away customers and cause sales to fall, retailers have warned.

Camelot has announced it plans to increase the cost of EuroMillions tickets to £2.50 in September to fund bigger jackpots and double the number of Millionaire Maker raffle wins.

Sophie Towers, of Premier Store Topshop in Burnley, said: “If it goes any higher I don’t think people will buy as many.”

The Lottery operator said the starting jackpots were expected to rise to £14m, while the number of jackpots more than £50m is set to double.

A Camelot spokeswoman said the company had received positive feedback from its own retailer forum. “They can see how the bigger jackpots, the doubling of the number of guaranteed UK millionaires and the fantastic Mega Weeks at the end of every month will benefit their bottom lines,” she said.