Snack manufacturer Pladis is recruiting independent retailers to recycle biscuit wrappers. 

The company, in partnership with TerraCycle, is encouraging consumers to drop off used biscuit wrappers at one of its 500 collection points in the UK. 

Communications manager Owen Johns said: “Any public space can become a collection point. It would make sense for independents to get involved because customers can drop off wrappers while buying new biscuits.”

Retailer Samantha Coldbeck, of Wharfedale Convenience in Hull, welcomed the scheme. “It’s good to see a company proactively doing something for recycling and involving retailers,” she said. 

However, she expressed concerns over waste collection and hygiene. “I would like to know how the waste would be picked up because we have to pay for our own collections,” she noted. 

“I am also conscious of health and I would like to know how the wrappers are vetted so I know what’s going in my bin.”

Johns responded: “There is no cost for wrappers to be collected. Biscuit wrappers tend to be quite dry and clean, so this shouldn’t be a concern for retailers.”

PepsiCo-owned crisp brand Walkers has also launched a similar scheme with TerraCycle.

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