Smiths News’ click and collect service Pass My Parcel has surpassed plans to be operational in 3,000 stores by October, expanding its network from 700 to 3,300 during the past five months.

The expansion has resulted in volume growth of 35% week-on-week, potentially helped by Amazon’s withdrawal from Collect+, which is offered in about 5,800 stores.

Jon Bunting, managing director of Smiths News, told RN the decision by the online retailer meant Pass My Parcel and the Post Office were now the only parcel services working with Amazon, with only Pass My Parcel offering same and next-day delivery.

He added that the service had no impact on stores’ newspaper delivery service charges, with any cost built into the rate paid by parcel customers.

Pass My Parcel was launched in October last year, with a pilot running in 79 stores, and its store base now covers 65% of the UK population. It has not been introduced in Scotland so far.

Cardiff retailer Mark Dudden has offered the service in his store since August and said momentum was slowly building each week.

It is still early days in our area, but all the feedback I have had from people so far has been fantastic

“It is still early days in our area, but all the feedback I have had from people so far has been fantastic,” he said.

He is handling five or six parcels a week and expects this to continue to build, particularly in the lead up to Christmas.

“We have a sign on the street and in the window and flyers by the till and have had lots of customers asking about it,” he said.

Manish Patel, of Best-one in Brighton, said the service had brought new customers into his store, with about half buying additional products when picking up their parcels.

“We do about 10 parcels a week and are hopeful it will continue to grow,” he said.