Small businesses commissioner Paul Uppal has launched an online campaign to help the owners of small business to minimise the risk of late payments.

The ‘Get it right: get paid!’ campaign includes 10 tips on how businesses can get their credit card payment and invoice processes correct from the outset. 

Mr Uppal told RN: “Running a business can be lonely and speaking about certain issues can be seen as a weakness. But every day you learn something new, so we want to champion small businesses.” 

Ray Monelle, from Everyday Orchard News in Weston-super-Mare, told RN the guidance is welcome. 

“This is definitely something I’d like to know more about because I don’t know legally what pressure I can and can’t put on,” he said.

He added: “Late payments have a huge impact on cash flow. As a result, many retailers have to
use their overdrafts, which means cutting back on stock.”

NFRN national president Mike Mitchelson acknowledged the damage late payments can have on retailers. He told RN: “We welcome the voice that Paul Uppal is giving independent retailers.”

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