Relations between independent retailers and PayPoint have often been difficult, but chief executive Dominic Taylor believes the company’s new EPoS Pro will make the benefits of working with PayPoint plain to see. Alex Yau reports

RN: Tell us about Epos Pro.

DT: Our new system currently offers the widest range of services available to any retailer – we truly are unique. On top of useful features such as integrated card payments and real-time stock management, retailers can now use a smartphone app to manage their inventory on the go, while cloud storage ensures they never have to worry about losing their data if their system crashes or malfunctions.  

RN: Can you give a specific example of where this system would benefit a retailer?

DT: By integrating EPoS Pro into their PayPoint One terminal, retailers can change the pricing of an entire category, rather than having to spend a long time going through individual products. This can be especially useful after changes in legislation, such as the sugar levy on soft drinks which will come into effect next year. Retailers will have more time to help improve other parts of their whole business.

RN: Profitability can be a struggle for retailers in a world of high overheads and low margins. How does this system help?

DT: The real-time inventory management system can help retailers know more about their stock and what sells well and what does not. They can use the information to get rid of lines which are costing them, and increase their overall profit margin.

RN: There are many time pressures and new technologies for retailers to master – how have you made EPoS Pro as user-friendly as possible?

DT: Retailers are busy people, which is why we’ve added the Android and iPhone smartphone app. They can check stock on the go through their phones and update pricing regardless of whether they are at the cash and carry or at home.

The cloud system also immediately combines data from various till systems into one. Retailers no longer have to manually combine data from different till points at the end of their trading hours.  

RN: Retailers continually complain about bad service and not being listened to by PayPoint. What are you doing to improve this?

DT: We know we are behind and that is why we are investing millions in upgrading our internal systems intensively. By the time this work is done, retailers will have a bespoke and better service.

RN: What does this mean in practice?

DT: The millions we are investing into our back-end communication systems means they will never get a generic service as they would if they contacted a call centre elsewhere. It will be tailored for them and allow us to resolve any issues faster and more efficiently than ever before.

RN: How will this benefit a store where problems have been long- standing and store owners feel as if they are not being listen to?

DT: Our retailer services team will have details about a retailer and they won’t have the same frustrations as they would trying to resolve any issues or problems with another company

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Company Paypoint

Chief executive Dominic Taylor

Profile Paypoint currently has the largest payment terminal network in the UK, with nearly 29,000 independent retailers making use of its systems.

Latest news It launched its latest EPoS Pro system in London on November 1, which offers features such as cloud storage, an accompanying smartphone app and real-time stock management.