When we posted a link to the survey that led to our front page on Facebook, with the slightly clickbait caption ‘Fed up with your news wholesaler?’, we received this response from a retailer:

“What kind of a question is that? Just goes to show that no one is listening because this has been going on for decades.”

Every week in the four years that I have been at Retail Express, we have taken calls for two things: illicit tobacco trading and failures in the news route to market. 

We’ve listened, we’ve sympathised, we’ve raised individual concerns with the wholesalers when they’ve been reported. Now, along with our sister title RN, we are stepping up our support for every single retailer in the country. 

Our exclusive research has been put in front of the politicians and groups that can make a positive change to the way this industry operates. 

We’re making sure independent retailers have a seat at the table, but we need your help, too. We need you to equip yourself with the knowledge about the industry as a whole, so that when you are talking to your local representatives, you can outline the issues on the whole industry, not just your shop. In the 29 June issue of RN, there’s a four-page analysis of the state of the industry which is a must-read for every newsagent. Don’t miss it.