Honesty and greater understanding of customers is key for PayPoint in converting remaining yellow-box terminal customers to the PayPoint One EPoS system.

Speaking to RN, CEO Dominic Taylor said that while the firm was ahead of schedule with 12,000 stores using the system, more needed to be done to convince those yet to make the switch.

He commented: “It’s going to be difficult getting more retailers to convert and use our system, and I don’t know where that difficulty lies yet. We need to better understand our customers’ needs, and it’s important for us to be upfront and honest about changes that need to happen.”

“We want to let retailers know that we are on the same side as them,” added Taylor. 

“We know what we aren’t doing well and we are absolutely resolved to fixing that.”

He pledged a seven-figure investment to improve communication with customers over the next 12 months. 

“Once this is all live, it’ll be a totally different experience for the retailer,” he said. 

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