It has emerged that electricity costs for retailers are going to rise by more than a third under Government energy policies over the next few years. This will dump a whopping £70million bill on the independent c-store sector, at a time when costly and unfair policies like back-billing and sneaky rollover currently are endemic in the energy industry.

According to the Department for Energy and Climate Change, reform of the energy market will cause the cost of a unit of electricity to rise by 34 per cent between 2012 and 2020, with some key policies changing as early as next year.  betterRetailing estimates this will ultimately cost upwards of an extra £2,000 in annual bills for a typical 1,000 sq ft store.  This week the ACS has again called for Ofgem to end back-billing abuses, which lead to small shops being billed multiple thousands of pounds.  What we really need is a wider reform of the industry. Smaller businesses that do not have the manpower of larger firms need to have the same protections as domestic energy customers, and fairer prices.