Northern NFRN district members called on DHL to maintain favourable terms ahead of its takeover of Pass My Parcel at their council meeting last week.

District president Graeme Pentland told RN he is most concerned about margins being cut. 

“Currently, we get 40p per parcel, so I would be keen for that to remain the same and certainly not drop below. This is something we as a federation need to ensure remains the same,” he said.

The call comes after retailers received a letter from Smith’s News on 26 June updating them on the status of the takeover. The letter said: “I know you have a number of questions, not least on the timing of any transition of the parcel service to DHL and the practical impact of this. We are still working through these details with DHL, but we and DHL remain committed to keeping you fully informed as our plans progress.”

At a meeting with Smith’s News last week, Mr Pentland said the general manager of the Newcastle depot, Paul Ketley, hinted the takeover would officially take place in September, although a date has yet to be set. 

However, retailers at the council meeting expressed relief about the takeover itself. Mr Pentland said: “Most people are happy that someone has taken it on and the service will continue. It has been very popular and every day it brings in people who probably wouldn’t use the shop otherwise.

“We all know newspaper sales are declining, but one thing the internet has provided us with is parcels, which has benefited retailers. DHL is a long-running and well-established company that hopefully can take the service forward and make it bigger than it was before.”

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