DHL has unintentionally taken two parcels from Northern district president Graeme Pentland’s store that were not intended to be collected by the delivery service. 

Pentland, owner of Ashburton store in Newcastle upon Tyne said: “Two weeks ago, a DHL driver took two parcels from my store that were intended for my own private delivery service.

“The parcels did not have any DHL-related labels on them. A supervisor from Pass My Parcel has been unable to locate either item. 

“She mentioned this would never have happened under the old system because drivers had to scan parcels, and if they didn’t match up, they wouldn’t take them off the premises.”

Pentland has been unable to get in touch with DHL himself despite numerous attempts. 

“DHL’s helpline is an automated service,” he said. “Every time I ring, they ask for the parcel reference number. Obviously, I don’t have one as they aren’t DHL parcels. It’s so frustrating.”

Inside one of the parcels is a garment that can only be returned within a specified time window. 

“The driver who admitted taking the parcels doesn’t understand why it is taking so long to get them back because they are first sent to the Newcastle depot, and then they go on to Milton Keynes,” said Pentland.

The news comes after DHL announced its main changeover will take place in June next year. RN is awaiting comment from DHL.

A spokesperson from DHL said: "I can confirm that our driver was given parcels that were not intended for the network, which were then incorrectly labelled. We have since located the parcels and they are being returned to the store."

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