A new deal between PayPoint and Yodel which will enable Collect+ retailers to accept parcels from other delivery services has been described as “the most progressive decision” PayPoint has ever made by retailers.

The company says utilising its retail network to sign agreements with other parcel carriers, could be worth an extra £1,200 a year to retailers.

Raj Aggarwal, of Spar in Wigston, Leicestershire, said: “It’s fantastic news for everyone. It’s the most progressive decision PayPoint has ever made.

“We’re always arguing about PayPoint fees and fighting for them to make decisions in the interest of retailers. This shows they’re listening to us.”

Serge Notay, of Notay Stores in Batley, West Yorkshire, also hailed the move, having lost out on business previously because of his exclusive contract with PayPoint.

“We get a lot of parcels for other companies and we have to just knock them back,” he said. “However, this is one of the services we are making money on.”

Vip Measuria, of One Stop in Derby, said he was pleased with the news: “We’ve got dedicated space for parcels so we can provide the best service possible due to the fact it does drive more people in to the store. It’s putting us on the map.”

However, he added there should be more incentives for retailers if their workload is set to increase.

Dominic Taylor, PayPoint chief executive, said: “The new arrangements allow us to focus on our service offering and cost optimisation and for the first time, to open Collect+ access to other carriers.

“We also believe that this is good news for consumers as we develop a single network open to all, where eventually consumers can collect and return all their parcels, however carried, at the same convenience store.”