Retailers have hit back at a new 2p commission being offered by MyHermes as part of its new parcel bagging process, in partnership with Amazon.

Store owners accepting a returned Amazon parcel are now expected to take it without any packaging and re-bag it with those provided by MyHermes.

The retailers must then scan the QR code presented by the customer, print and stick it to a receipt, ready for collection.

Atul Sodha, owner of Peverills Londis Harefield in Uxbridge told betterRetailing he was “insulted” at the commission offered.

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“How dare they insult us by offering such little money, especially during a pandemic,” he said. “I’m not going to push a service when they aren’t making the effort to invest in us.”

“We are processing a ridiculous amount of parcels right now, which isn’t an essential service. However, MyHermes haven’t turned the service off so it’s my responsibility as an agent to continue offering it,” he explained.

Sodha added operating the new process will also be extremely time consuming.

“I already have issues with customers who are unable to find the right QR codes for other things, especially the elderly,” he said.

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“This is never taken into consideration by companies. At times I’ve spent 20 minutes trying to help just one customer because of a technical issue with their phone.”

Sodha also expressed concerns of adhering to coronavirus hygiene standards when carrying out the process.

“There’s so much touching that needs to be done which makes it harder for us to keep ourselves and our customers safe,” he said.

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Retailers receive the extra 2p on top of the usual 35p commission offered for handling parcels.

The news comes two months after parcel provider UPS was slammed for introducing a similar service, but with no added commission.

MyHermes have been contacted for a comment.

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