1. Adrenalyn XL

On sale out now
Frequency one shot
Price £5.99 starter packs; trading cards £1.50
Distributor Panini
Display with Match Attax, Road To World Cup stickers, FIFA 365

The World Cup is now four months or so away, but the countdown has well and truly kicked off courtesy of Panini and the launch of its Adrenalyn XL FIFA World Cup Official Trading Card Collection. It’s the only authorised, officially sanctioned one of its kind, featuring all 32 competing nations and some of the world’s biggest stars. 

There are 486 cards in total to collect, while the starter pack comes with the usual array of goodies, including a binder, cards, a game board, a magazine game guide and even a limited edition card. As well as collecting and trading with pals, collectors can also go online to play. 

2. Golf World

On sale 1 March
Frequency monthly 
Price £4.80
Distributor Frontline
Display with Golf Monthly, Today’s Golfer

• Will Tiger Woods ever win another major golf tournament? Golf Monthly looks at what one of the game’s finest ever players still has to offer. 

• There’s also a guide to The Masters, one of the big four tournaments, Sergio Garcia offering tips, as well as a buyer’s guide to wedges. 

3. Cake Decorating

On sale 7 March
Frequency weekly
Price 99p, then £3.99
Distributor Marketforce
Display with Cakemasters, Cake & Sugarcraft

• Home cake baking remains massively popular, thanks to the influence of TV show Great British Bake Off. Each issue of this partwork features 24 pages with decorating ideas.

• The launch is backed by TV advertising for the first three weeks, with PoS also available. 

4. Soaplife

On sale 6 March
Frequency weekly
Price £1.85
Distributor Marketforce
Display with Inside Soap, TV Times, What’s On TV

• Former fortnightly publication Soaplife has now switched to a weekly, reflecting the UK public’s ongoing fascination with TV favourites EastEnders, Coronation Street and Emmerdale.

• The magazine includes a weekly TV guide, soap stories and interviews with the big stars. 

5. Match Football Krazy

On sale 2 March
Frequency monthly
Price £3.99
Distributor Seymour
Display with Kick, Match of the Day, Match Weekly

• With the end of the season approaching and the World Cup imminent, football is high profile. 

• A whole raft of free gifts, including a face mask and finger sweatbands, are included in this magazine, for which independents are the biggest retailers in terms of sales. 

6. The Simple Things

On sale out now
Frequency monthly
Price £4.99
Distributor Marketforce
Display with Breathe, Teen Breathe

• Five different areas of mindfulness have been identified, and the magazine has come up with a series of patches, two of which are featured in this month’s issue, which has two different covers. 

• Two more patches are available through the magazine. The fifth will be designed by readers.

7. Standpoint

On sale 1 March
Frequency 10 issues per year 
Price £4.95
Distributor Intermedia
Display with Spectator, New Statesman

• Standpoint aims to appeal to its discerning readership by standing out from the mass market and celebrating great writing and culture and civilisation itself. 

• It features not just plenty of smart, intelligent and opinionated writing, it is not afraid to offer readers lengthy articles.

8. Dolls House World

On sale 22 February
Frequency monthly
Price £4.99
Distributor Intermedia
Display with Dolls House & Miniature Scene

• Dolls House was the first magazine dedicated to the world of dolls houses. 

• Now past the 300-issue mark and nearly 30 years old, it features projects for enthusiasts to get their teeth stuck into as well as big features on the miniature world.

9. Bushcraft & Survival Skills

On sale 22 February
Frequency bi-monthly
Price £5.95
Distributor Intermedia
Display with Outdoor Fitness, Trek Mountain, Trail

• The first and only British magazine dedicated solely to bushcraft and survival skills. 

• Distributor Intermedia says interest in this sector has never been as high as it is now.

Specialist choice: Simply Knitting

Chosen by: John Vine, Newsworld, Shropshire
On sale 22 March 
Frequency monthly
Price £6.99
Distributor Frontline

Who buys it?
All the knitting, quilting, crochet magazines are doing well at the minute, but Simply Knitting is doing really well. It’s really put together well. Older customers always liked it, but there’s a growing market from middle-aged customers too. 

How do you display it?
Knitting magazines do really well when they have knitting needles as a free gift, so we push those. There’s a lot of magazines of this ilk now, so there’s a nice section. Better still, they all have very colourful covers, which helps.