The relaunch of The Guardian and The Observer as tabloids has paid dividends in sales, the latest figures from the Audit Bureau of Circulations show.

In the first full month of data since the titles switched format on 15 January, sales of the Saturday edition of The Guardian rose 0.2% and The Observer 1.1% month on month.

While both titles once again posted year-on-year sales declines, these reduced to 3.8% on the weekday edition, 2% on the Saturday edition and 2.7% on The Observer, compared to an average fall of between 7% and 8% last year.

Guardian News & Media said the results showed the papers ‘lead the quality market for year-on year percentage sold copy’.

“We’re pleased that both the Guardian and the Observer are leading the quality market as the best performing newspapers year on year. This is testament not only to our readers’ response to our new format but also to our agenda-setting, independent journalism,” a Guardian, News & Media spokesperson said.​

Meanwhile, the Financial Times posted month-on-month rises of 2.3% for its daily edition and 2.8% for its Saturday issue. 

The red-tops posted the biggest annual declines overall, with sales of the Sunday Mail down 16%, the Daily Record down 14.7% on Saturdays and the Sunday Mirror down 14.6%. However, the Star once again posted February sales rises, its weekday and Sunday editions increasing 0.1% and 0.3% month on month.

February Monday to Friday newspaper sales
TitleCore sales February 2018Monthly changeYearly changeEstimated Retailer MarginTotal sales February 2018
Daily Mirror528,931-0.6%-12.5%£84.9528,931
Daily Record127,676-0.3%-14.1%£20.5127,676
Daily Star394,2800.1%-11.2%£28.6394,280
The Sun1,259,790-4.3%-10.4%£140.51,378,124
Daily Express338,628-0.2%-7.8%£45.1338,628
Daily Mail1,115,863-0.6%-7.2%£161.81,115,863
Daily Telegraph338,265-0.6%-10.4%£130.9338,265
Financial Times29,3812.3%-13.6%£15.962,547


February Saturday newspaper sales
TitleCore sales February 2018Monthly changeYearly changeEstimated Retailer MarginTotal sales February 2018
Daily Mirror681,647-4.8%-13.2%£168.5681,647
Daily Record152,409-2.7%-14.7%£34.4152,409
Daily Star370,154-0.5%-9.5%£44.7370,154
The Sun1,715,512-3.4%-7.6%£257.01,833,846
Daily Express433,731-0.6%-6.6%£74.4433,731
Daily Mail1,873,919-2.8%-6.6%£393.51,873,919
Daily Telegraph509,015-1.4%-8.4%£252.0509,015
Financial Times69,6642.8%-1.9%£55.169,664


February Sunday newspaper sales
TitleCore sales February 2018Monthly changeYearly changeEstimated Retailer MarginTOtal salesFebruary 2018
Sunday Mail139,636-0.8%-16.0%£52.8139,636
Sunday Mirror476,210-4.2%-14.6%£150.0476,210
Daily Star Sun.235,6210.3%-8.3%£46.9235,621
The Sun1,232,7056.9%-2.1%£284.81,351,039
Sunday Express306,4170.4%-6.8%£90.9306,417
Sunday Post122,532-0.2%-13.5%£41.2123,070
Mail on Sunday1,041,472-2.2%-9.2%£393.71,041,472
Sun. Telegraph291,750-0.6%-7.7%£132.7291,750
Sunday Times635,0370.2%-6.8%£360.1720,081