Independent retailers will play a key part in a national campaign that aims to demonstrate the value of reading magazines in a bid to increase sales.

The Professional Publishers Association’s (PPA) Press Pause campaign urges people to “enjoy a magazine moment” and emphasises the psychological and physical benefits of reading.

Barry McIlheney, chief executive of the PPA – which includes 250 publishers in its membership – said the magazine industry offered an “underrated service that educates, entertains and feeds the passions” of the public.

“We want even more people to start taking advantage of this and create more ‘me time’ to help deal with the daily stresses that life throws at us,” he said.

Peter Wagg, who runs five News on the Wharf newsagents in London, is displaying adverts for the campaign on digital screens in his store.

“I can remember when people queued up at 5.30am waiting for magazines to come in. Back then they were a must-read, but now they are an impulse buy,” he said. “Hopefully this campaign will trigger that impulse.”

He welcomed the inclusion of independent retailers, but said the campaign had to be ongoing, adding he hoped the accompanying website and online campaign would prove effective.

Mark Dudden, owner of Albany News at the Post Office in Cardiff, said it was time publishers responded to changes in customer behaviour.

“People are moving away from trashy magazines – they can pick up trash online,” he said. “There is a new generation which wants a more in-depth read. This campaign works with that idea that a good magazine really is worth reading – it’s not just something to flick through.”

In addition to radio and print adverts and a social media campaign, an accompanying PoS pack which includes posters and shelf stickers has been produced specifically targeted at independents.

The packs will be available from Tuesday 3 April by emailing